The Sbariati’s caves

This is a rock village dated by scholars between the 12th and 14th  century. It is made ​​up of around 100 cave-dwellings carved into the rock with unicellular and bicellular environments, some even with several floors. The village consists of a ridge along one of the sides of the ditch "Malopera" and occupies an area of 2900 square meters. The urban settlement is clearly visible through a road network that combines paths and stairways that lead (from upstream to downstream) to the various living cells. The shape of the cells is circular or square or rectangular. The interior of the caves is characterized by the presence of niches in the walls and the presence of recesses for the arrangement of beds or shelves.

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Località Fossi, Via Indipendenza, 89867, Zungri (VV)


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