Panagia Limnia

Each year on September 7th, after the evening mass at the Cathedral of Limni, the Icon of our Lady Mary is transferred to Alonia where all the people of Limni are gathered. There they hold an auction for the icon. The highest bidder may carry the icon around the town, which is a great honor. The money goes to the church for the poor people.

The icon is being carried to her Mother Anna, at a small church in the outskirts of Limni, where it says through the night.

The next day- Sep 8th- after the mass the priest blesses the large pots full of food and everybody enjoys a meal outside the church. In the afternoon the icon returns to Limni where there is procession with everybody following the icon on foot while sailboats and kayaks follow along the sea shore. The local trade starts at the same time.

From: Sunday, September 07, 2014

Until: Sunday, September 07, 2014


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