Lake Volvi

West of Strymonikos gulf, at a distance of few kilometers, is situated the lake Volvi the second biggest lake of Greece. Along with lake Koronia were once a part a united lake inside of the Mygdonia area, but today their physiognomy is totally different: not deep and with low oxygen level during the summer for lake Koronia, deep and with more oxygen for lake Volvi.

Numberless torrents and brooks are water supplying the lake maintaining the level of water. It's surrounded by arable land, hills, narrow swampy zones and stubbles. The north side of the lake is deeper and rougher and indicates the remains of a forest. Two remarkable forests are located in the area: the forest of Rentina on the sides of river Rihios, known asMakedonika Tempi, and the forest of Apollonia, on the side of lake Volvi.

In the width area of the lake, it have been recorded 336 kinds of plants, 13 of them are consider to be extremely rear. Between the two lakes, Volvi and Koronia are two huge perennial plane trees, which offer a large number of nests for the birds and have been declared as natural monuments.

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